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Sottocer is a 100% Belgian design. The vintage vibe of these tiles steals the heart of every interior lover. Inspired by old cement tiles, the Sottocer floor tiles are made of ceramic, easy to clean.

Unique to this collection: all tiles match with each other, beyond the boundaries of the series.


Playful, refined, earthy or luxurious with a golden border: Aquacolor turns any mosaic design into an art form. The possibilities are endless, so are the delivery options.

From private projects to public area such as swimming pools, bars and restaurants: we supply the material for every design.


Looking for an impeccable result with a budget brand? The Q-Ceram collections offer what you need. All series are available in 30 x 60, 60 x 60 and have matching mosaics.

Various budget tiles are also available in larger sizes to respond to the increasing market demand. Impex always keeps its finger on the pulse.


Choosing porcelain tiles from Casa Tiles, is choosing versatility. Just like a chameleon: feeling at home in any environment, indoors and outdoors.

The look of a classic blue stone, the look of a parquet floor or a mosaic design: this versatile flooring solution takes your project to the next level.


Impex- tiles for a complete project, indoors and outdoors, from top to bottom? The only limit is the architect’s imagination. We produce tailor-made quantities for each plan.

Feel free to color outside the lines with mosaic: no matter how challenging the design is, we’ve got it covered.

  • Color outside the lines with mosaic.
    All our tile and mosaic brands can be combined, for any type of project.
  • For each design we look for the ideal match with manufacturers in well-known tile regions.
  • Thanks to our solid partnership with our suppliers, we can guarantee quality of the highest level.
  • All tiles and mosaic designs are homegrown.
    Our different brands exude what is trending.