Qvinyl floor tiles are a budget-friendly floor covering of very high quality, applicable in any room.

About Qvinyl

Qvinyl is the new generation of vinyl flooring that combines the aesthetics of traditional materials with the technical benefits of PVC. These floors offer the strength and durability of stone, combined with the ease of installation and low maintenance properties of PVC.

The perfect flooring for any room

Qvinyl is also completely water-resistant, scratch-resistant and easy to clean, making it ideal for a variety of rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, Qvinyl has a long lifespan, low VOC emissions and offers excellent thermal insulation and sound attenuation. Thanks to the patented UNICLIC system, installation is quick and easy, with no glue required.


  • Thanks to our solid partnership with our suppliers, we can guarantee quality of the highest level.
  • For each design we look for the ideal match with manufacturers in well-known tile regions.
  • Color outside the lines with mosaic.
    All our tile and mosaic brands can be combined, for any type of project.
  • All tiles and mosaic designs are homegrown.
    Our different brands exude what is trending.