Sottocer is a 100% Belgian design. The vintage vibe of these tiles steals the heart of every interior lover.

About Sottocer

Modern interiors get a distinct character with these original floor and wall tiles, even old houses are keeping up with tradition with the retro tile collection from Sottocer.

All drawings on the ceramic tiles are designed in Zottegem. Hence the name: “Sotto” for Zottegem, “cer” for ceramics. The designers have a mission: to create unique and harmonious interiors. That’s why all the colours of the tiles match with each other, no matter how you combine them.

A smooth floor with a striking accent here and there, or a full statement wall? One thing is for sure: the result exudes pure class.

Stock in Spain

The tiles have same look as the cement tiles we know from the past, but thanks to the ceramic material they are just as easy to maintain as a regular tile: the best of both worlds.

The tiles are mainly manufactured in Spain. A full stock of all collections is available in Belgium as well as in Castellón, the Spanish capital of tiles. Pick ups of small orders in Spain are possible, a high level of service is guaranteed.

The marketing for these hugely popular tile ranges is beautiful and compact: each series has a small, attractive display: a real eye-catcher in any showroom.


  • Color outside the lines with mosaic.
    All our tile and mosaic brands can be combined, for any type of project.
  • All tiles and mosaic designs are homegrown.
    Our different brands exude what is trending.
  • For each design we look for the ideal match with manufacturers in well-known tile regions.
  • Thanks to our solid partnership with our suppliers, we can guarantee quality of the highest level.